Make New Out Of Old-House Renovation By The Second Generation

Own living space is becoming more and more expensive, especially for young families. Many young adults end up returning to their parent’s homes after completing their training or starting a family. So if the plan is to hand over the house to the younger generation or to live together, an important question arises: renovation or demolition and new construction? This consideration is not just financial. Even if a new building is sometimes cheaper, the existing house is often associated with an emotional value. In addition, thermal renovations, in particular, are comprehensively subsidized. So if you want to spruce up your common living space, here are a few tips on how your renovation works best:

Know what you want: the right planning

Before you start, you should be clear about your ideas and requirements for your future living space: a sensible room layout, the desired living and furnishing style, the thermal and acoustic renovation of the shell and floor, a possible separation of living areas, and This means that there are separate access points – you should clarify many things in advance to proceed as efficiently as possible, but also to avoid unforeseen costs. The better you plan, the smoother your renovation project will be. Last but not least: Proactively involve the first generation in the planning and appreciate their performance and make use of their experience.

Find the right renovator

As soon as the common ideas have taken concrete shape, the right general renovator should be found. If the construction company still exists that built the parental home or kept it in good shape over the years, then use their knowledge and experience of the property. When looking for a new provider, you should pay attention to the following points, among others: First of all, financial security and the expected quality of the company’s performance should be guaranteed. Check whether you have a business license and how long the company has been operating? Have there been any bankruptcy proceedings in the past? – This is where the commercial register and the credit protection association help. Visit the company’s physical location in person, get an idea of ​​the management, and let them show you reference projects. Have an exemplary construction contract presented to you and ask about quality assurance measures and the existence of construction insurance. In addition, you should obtain offers from different providers to have a good price comparison.

Window replacement for more energy efficiency

Highly thermally insulating window systems are one of the best investments because around 30% of the heat in a house escapes through poorly insulated windows. There is a draft, and there is often insufficient noise insulation. Since up to 900 liters of heating oil can be saved in the house annually with triple insulating glazing, the question of the right windows and a new heating system should also be asked. The window swap is the most important and the most complex undertaking in the renovation process. Ideally, the window replacement is carried out together with the insulation of the house’s thermal envelope to optimize the house’s energy efficiency. Highly heat-insulating and modern windows also increase the quality of living and create a visually harmonious overall picture. After all, the windows should also cut a fine figure in modernized homes.

Separate living areas with their access

If the first generation still lives in the house, you should consider providing separate living and living areas. Even if the relationship with one another is good, discrepancies or problems can often be prevented by spatially separated areas. This is best done through two separate entrance doors. In addition to design and quality, when it comes to doors, pay particular attention to the security aspects of your entrances.

Reduce noise

Especially in multi-story houses, the new coexistence can be put to the test by the residential noise caused. Young families with small children have a different perception of noise than the older generation, who have often lived alone for years. You should therefore invest in high-quality impact sound insulation to protect yourself from unwanted noise. Are you planning to renovate your house and need more information? Here you will find everything about the renovation process.

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